Did you know that US food politics and the United States Farm bill are threatening the supply of whole, clean food in America? They are also involved in the degradation of human health and the skyrocketing costs of healthcare in America. How? Well, US farm subsidies promote and support industrial agriculture. Huh?

What is Industrial Agriculture? Industrial agriculture describes modern farming methods characterized by the alteration of crop genetics in order to withstand the massive use of pesticides, hormones and other chemicals, environmental damage to soil health and nearby water sources, a disregard for natural biodiversity, and the use of factory farms in which thousands of animals are penned in buildings and unable to roam freely in the sunshine and fresh air. Read more about how US Farm subsidies are threatening the food supply and your health.

Support Sustainable Agriculture Instead!

What is Sustainable Agriculture? Sustainable agriculture is the ability of farms and ranches to produce food on an ongoing basis, using natural, pesticide free methods to produce whole, clean foods. In sustainable agriculture, the perpetuation of the farm ecosystem is of paramount importance.

Sustainable farming is characterized by the conservation and preservation of the soil and water, support and growth of biodiversity, respect for each animal’s natural state of being and care, the use of economically viable methods, and the provision of socially just treatment for the workers who support the farm.

Sustainable agriculture needs your support. The proliferation and support of sustainable farms are the keys to the availability of clean, whole foods for all.

When you buy your produce and meat from farms and ranches which used sustainable methods, you are in effect, insuring that you and your family have access to clean, whole foods. Foods produced with sustainable agriculture methods are free of pesticides and higher in nutrients, because the soils in and on which they are grown are healthy.

In addition, you are taking back your control over your food rights!

When you refuse to buy the commercial products from industrial agriculture and factory farms, you are minimizing your support of the processed food and industrial agribusinesses, and if these industries can’t make a profit, they can’t stay in business.

Vote with your wallet! If enough people stop buying the foods produced by industrial agriculture and factory farms, and instead buy the clean foods created by sustainable agriculture, we can dictate the food supply market, instead of having it dictate to us.

How do you vote with your wallet? Minimize your purchases of processed foods and commercial products which are produced using genetic engineering, factory farming, confined feed lots, and industrial agriculture. Buy local, organic, sustainable food whenever possible.

When the majority of us refuse to support the harmful agribusiness methods by refusing to buy the products they produce, we can drive these companies to change the way they do business. In the process, we can make our food supply safer for ourselves, our families and future generations.

For more information, visit my sustainable agriculture page to find out where you can buy locally produced foods and support sustainable agriculture.

Until next time, wishing you happy and healthy eating!