Things to do this Spring: Grow a vegetable garden and see a new movie!

One of the ways in which you can take control of your food supply is to grow your vegetables.

Growing your own vegetables in general is actually pretty easy, and it’s inexpensive if you start your plants from seeds.

If you're hesitating, here’s a few compelling reasons to garden:

  • Save Money: avoid paying the skyrocketing costs of produce in the grocery store.

  • Autonomy: get control over your own food supply and be able to supply food for your family without depending on someone else.

  • Health: avoid the potential for exposure to harmful pesticides and bacterial outbreaks.

  • Fun: experience the joy of creating living food with your own hands, and the wonder of seeing nature in action.

  • Variety: enjoy a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and fruit at much lower costs.

Given all the positives, I believe growing your own vegetables is worth the time and effort expended. All you really need is some seeds, some soil, sunshine, water and air. Even if you have no yard, you can still grow many different types of vegetables in a container on your porch.

However, to make the gardening experience more fruitful, it helps to have the following supplies and information. Click on the links below to see the information about that topic.

Gardening is a wonderful experience, and I encourage you to give it a try, even if you only grow one tomato plant in a 5 gallon bucket.

Fresh, the movie - An exciting MOVIE Premiere!

Spread the word about this exciting movie and attend or create a screening in your town. (If you don't find a screening near you, no worries, email them at and they will help you organize a screening for your chapter or community.

At a later date, the movie will also be streamed right on their website.

Here's the trailer.

Here's the list of screenings.

FROM THE DIRECTOR - We're excited to announce the screening of FRESH across the United States. FRESH is a call to action; it means to inspire its viewers to positive change, not scare them into a terrified complacency. As such, the majority of the screenings will be followed by a panel discussion with local representatives from the sustainable food movement so audience members can learn what's going on in their communities and get involved. We will bring together farmers, activists, chefs, and policy-makers, all working to create a more healthy, tasty, and sustainable future. Please join us, not just as part of an audience, but as part of a movement to better our food system, and to bring about a new vision, a new paradigm, a new reality, one that works for everyone.

Hoping Spring brings wonderful events for you!