Fish Oil Benefits

Several popular books and studies have reported fish oil benefits via supplementation, whether in food or pill form. They include:

  • Reduction of pain and inflammation in the body: Several studies have shown that people who take fish oil have less pain and inflammation associated with any cause. This results in less need to take NSAID pain medication such as Advil. Other research has shown that supplementation with fish oils can markedly reduce pro-inflammatory compounds production, resulting in significantly less morning stiffness and painful joints in rheumatoid arthritis patients.

    Being able to reduce inflammation is extremely beneficial to your health. Recent research has linked the damaging effects of inflammation within the body to a long list of diseases and health issues, including Alzheimer's, heart disease, atherosclerosis, and diabetes.

    (However, this reduction is normal inflammation may compromise the immune response to cellular damage in the body, hence the higher rates of cancers associated with polyunsaturated oil supplementation. See fish oil side effects.)

  • Reduction of the symptoms of some mental illness: Andrew Stoll’s book The Omega-3 Connection: The Groundbreaking Antidepression Diet and Brain Program has many case studies which discussed the effects of high doses of fish oil had on patients with severe bipolar symptoms. Some of these people were able to stop taking bipolar medication and get back to a normal life after beginning these supplements.

  • Reduction of the Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease: Dr. Sears’ book Omega Rx Zone: The Miracle of the New High-Dose Fish Oil has some pretty amazing stories of the effect of high doses of fish oil on Alzheimer's and dementia patients in nursing homes. In some cases, the effects were so dramatically positive, the patients were able to resume living at home with loved ones.

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