Healthy Bites Newsletter, Issue #002 – Lots of New Info!

To My Readers:

Hello everyone! I’ve added quite a bit of really interesting information to the Healthy Eating Politics site since my last newsletter. I don’t want to overwhelm you, so here’s a quick blurb about each of the new pages and a link to get to them:

Iodine Deficiencies and Disease

Did you know that the whole “cholesterol causes heart disease” hypothesis started when a Russian researcher gave rabbits a high cholesterol diet and found they developed arterial plaques? However, what’s really interesting is that when researchers gave the rabbits a potassium iodide supplement along with the high cholesterol diet, NO arterial plaques formed. Page Link

Whole Foods and Disease

Up until the late 1800s, most Americans ate whole foods like butter, raw milk, pork fat, fresh veggies and fruit, and other good foods, and our diet kept us pretty healthy. But from about 1859 to 1900, the food processing industry exploded onto the scene in the United States. And climbing rates of disease followed quickly after.Page Link

Alzheimer’s Disease and Cholesterol

Recent research on Alzheimer’s disease has suggested that a lack of dietary cholesterol and the development of insulin resistance can lead to an imbalance in the cellular function and repair mechanisms of the brain. Page Link

What Really Causes Heart Attacks?

Recent research has suggested a different theory of heart failure, and it is strongly supportive of what experts know about death from coronary disease. This new theory is called the Myogenic Theory of Myocardial Infarction. Briefly, the theory states that the major etiologic (cause and effect) factor in a heart attack is not a blockage, but a destructive chemical process within the heart muscle itself. And the substances needed to prevent the worsening of the chemical process are made out of cholesterol! Page Link

A-List of Low Carbohydrate Foods

I’ve put together a handy list of whole, clean low carb foods and some tips on how to buy the best. Page Link

Alternative Health: Nutrition Should be Medicine’s First Treatment

The phrase alternative health is an interesting one. It was coined to identify health care practices that are outside of mainstream medicine. Most often, “alternative” medical care utilizes a program of nutritional changes or nutritive supplements in some way. How ironic that good nutrition has been labeled as an “alternative” treatment in the US. On this page, I’ve put together a list of disease conditions that can be helped or cured with a clean, whole foods diet. Page Link

Food Pyramid Supports the Food Processing Industry

The 1992 Food Pyramid recommends a low fat, high carb diet, which is just the diet to support the processed food industry. The processed food industry uses the USDA guidelines to market low fat engineered fake food products, and to create new products containing grains and food additives polluted with pesticides and genetically modified organisms. These same polluted crops are also sold to large scale meat, milk, and chicken feeding operations. Page Link

The History of the USDA Food Pyramid

Here’s some history on how the USDA’s food pyramid came to be our National Dietary Guideline. Page Link

Hope you enjoy reading about these topics. I’ll have more for you in the near future. Have a happy and healthy February!

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