Adiponectin is a hormone secreted by the fat tissue in the body. It plays a role in obesity, insulin resistant, lipid metabolism, and anti-inflammation.

It lowers glucose production and helps switch the body cells over to burning fat for fuel instead. This is important because the burning of sugar by the cells releases high levels of free radicals, which then cause damage to the cells.

Current research suggests that the high levels of free radicals released during glucose oxidation are at the root of many disease pathways. Hence, longevity is associated with the use of fat for fuel over glucose (sugar).

Current research suggests that this hormone plays a critical role in preventing insulin resistance, diabetes, atherosclerosis, and the inflammation now commonly associated with heart disease. It also helps the body conserve energy during times of starvation.

Research on this hormone is not all good though. Recent research has found that high levels of it weaken the bone structure in mice. Hence the verdict is still out on whether it is beneficial to weight loss or not.

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