The Power of Healthy Eating “Let Food Be Your Medicine”

This website challenges the mainstream advice on healthy eating and showcases the power of clean, whole foods to rebuild total body health. Our ancestors ate diets that contradict modern nutritional dogma, and these traditional diets, full of animal fats and cholesterol, but low in sugar and grains, kept them in excellent health. People eating this […]

Fish Oil Side Effects

Fish oil side effects are actually more common than reported by the media. For instance, it’s very importantly to buy pharmaceutical grade fish and krill oil supplements. Buying low-cost oils is not recommended because the rate of rancidity in the cheaper products may be higher, and rancid fat is very harmful to your health. I […]

Healthy Bites Newsletter, Issue #003 – Lots of New Info!

Hello everyone, it’s been an interesting month for research, and I have some astonishing news to share… New Cancer Theory I’ve just learned about an Italian oncologist name Tullio Simoncini. He is from Rome, and he has written a book titled “Cancer is a Fungus.” In his book, Dr. Simoncini states his theory that cancers […]

A Leaky Gut Can Lead to Serious Health Issues

Leaky gut refers to a health condition that is triggered by food allergies or sensitivities. Basically, a person suffering from a leaking gut is eating foods to which he or she is allergic. These foods damage the lining of the digestive tract, which then allows undigested food particles to “leak” out of the gut into […]

CoQ10 Benefits

The list of CoQ10 benefits is impressive. CoQ10 is an enzyme with the body makes and uses to protect cell mitochondria (the cell powerhouses) from the oxidative damage associated with the work of cellular respiration and energy creation. Organs that work hard in the body (i.e., the heart and brain) have naturally high levels of […]

Butter vs Margarine: Which is Healthier

I sometimes see arguments on the subject of butter vs margarine, and someone always mentions that butter contains saturated fat, which is bad for the heart. This is a total lie. Butter is clearly healthier for your body than margarine, and here’s why: Butter is made from cream and salt and provides many health-building nutrients. […]

Sustainable Agriculture Needs Your Support

Sustainable agriculture defines the ability of farms and ranches to produce food on an ongoing basis, using natural, pesticide-free methods to provide whole, clean foods. The perpetuation of the farm ecosystem is of paramount importance. As listed on the Sustainable Table website, the major benefits are: Conservation and preservation: What is taken out of the […]

Choose Healthy Dairy Products

Dairy products are at the top of most people’s favorite foods list. Here are some tips on how to choose the right products and enhance your health in the process: Choose full-fat dairy products. Avoid skim milk, 2% milk and the like. These products have unhealthy additives such as powdered milk and thickeners to help […]

Healthy Fats

Mainstream advice about healthy fats is based on the lie that cholesterol and saturated fat are killers because they “clog the arteries” and cause heart disease. The truth is completely the opposite. The “heart-healthy” processed vegetable oils and “whole grains” are the true killers. Saturated fat gets blamed because it is usually consumed in the […]

American Dietetic Association: Shill for Big Food

The American Dietetic Association is the largest food and nutrition organization in the US.  They are supposed to be the premier source for accurate nutritional information. Current memberships exceed 70,000 people, so the ADA voice is loud, but it’s not a reliable, unbiased source of information on good nutrition. The ADA and the Food Industry The problems at […]