Fish Oil Side Effects

Fish oil side effects are actually more common than reported by the media. For instance, it’s very importantly to buy pharmaceutical grade fish and krill oil supplements. Buying low-cost oils is not recommended because the rate of rancidity in the cheaper products may be higher, and rancid fat is very harmful to your health. I also recommend following Dr. Eades’s recommendations in this blog about storing your supplements in order to keep them fresh.

Diabetics should not take large doses of fish or salmon oil. There are some studies that demonstrate that large doses of these supplements have a detrimental effect on blood sugar, and cause large rises in fasting blood sugar, especially if the person taking it is pre-diabetic or diabetic. The studies are here, here, here and this study discussed an apparent correlation between taking large amounts of fish oil and the development of Type 2 diabetes.

In addition, recent research has not been kind to EPA and DHA supplementation. There is now evidence that polyunsaturated fats, in general, are associated with a weakening of the immune system, and increased cancers.

This article by Chris Masterjohn is another eye-opener about the fish oil side effects and just how little of these essential fatty acids are actually needed.

Here’s another reason you might want to save your money: This long term study uncovered a nasty side effect of taking fish oil capsules. For the group in this study, taking fish oil capsules over the long term INCREASES the risk of heart failure and sudden cardiac death.

And this recent study revealed that, at least in mice subjects, the anti-inflammatory effects of taking fish oil are negated if sucrose (white sugar) is part of the diet.

The jury is still out, waiting on more long term studies, but I want to mention them so you can do your own research before deciding to add supplements of these oils to your nutritional regimen.

As for me, I occasionally will take very small amounts of fish oil, but I believe the large doses I used to take were a factor in the higher blood sugars I was experiencing several years ago. My blood sugar is normal now.

When I first started taking it, I felt it had an initial benefit of decreasing my mood swings, and it still seems to help with that in small amounts. I also think that just keeping my carb intake and omega-6 fat intake low has a positive effect on my mood as well.

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