Gardening Advice Recommendations

There are lots of gardening advice sources on the internet, and it can be tough choosing the best products for the money spent. But I’ve already spent the money and learned which resources really work, and I’m happy to share what I know with you. Here’s a list of the gardening advice books and systems I own and use. Hopefully, this will help you choose from the hundreds of products out there.

Top Recommendation:

I recommend the Food4Wealth system because this e-book/video system packs an amazing amount of gardening know-how in a very friendly package. It provides a practical step-by-step method to get you started and tells you what you need to know to you keep your garden going.

But most importantly, the author explains how to grow food with Nature instead of against it. He calls his method “ecologically-grown.” The food his methods produce is not only organic but is grown in a way that is self-sustainable. That is a really important distinction because not all organic food is grown in a way that supports the ecological system in which it is grown.

Food4Wealth was written by Jonathan White, an experienced, professional environmental scientist, and gardener. This man has over 20 years of experience in growing vegetables. Through personal research, he developed this comprehensive package of techniques to allow gardeners to grow food in small spaces with higher yields and less work. Jonathan’s easy-to-understand style makes Food4Wealth a good resource for beginners and advanced gardeners alike. Here’s a nice overview video from the author: What’s included in the package:

  • E-Book: Easy to read and navigate E-book with over 80 pages of quality information, including a number of easy to understand illustrations.
  • Video Tutorials: The package provides 14 video presentations with over 60 minutes of quick and easy “here’s how” type presentations. The author explains clearly and directly all you need to know.
  • One Page Project Plan: a task sheet that lists all the tasks from start to finish. It’s a “big picture” guide to help you through the whole setup process. It makes the process of getting started very quick and very easy. A Gardening Checklist: The checklist keeps you on task, and helps you avoid problems.
  • A Maintenance Plan: This is a very simple guide to show you what you need to check and maintain in your garden.
  • A Complete Materials List: This will help you get what you need to get started.

Bottom Line:

Food4Wealth is an easy to use, advice packed package provided at a fair price. The author is knowledgeable and sincere and has put together a program that will provide plenty of tips and advice for the beginner gardener, and help the more advanced gardener increase yields with less effort. The package is really valuable for anyone who wants to grow organic food.

If you have been thinking of starting your own organic vegetable garden or have already begun, Food4Wealth can help you get started easily and quickly. I highly recommend it!

Additional Books with Great Gardening Advice

Here are a few other gardening advice books I own and use as reference guides.

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