Healthy Food List

A healthy food list is helpful to have for choosing foods which are low in carbohydrates and high in protein.

I’ve built several food lists, including a list of low carbohydrate foods, and a list of high protein foods.

You will notice that the lists are very similar. This is because most low carb foods are high in protein and/or fat by default.

I would recommend that, as much as possible, try to buy the meat, poultry and eggs from farms that raise animals with sustainable, organic methods. This would mean pasture fed beef, free range chickens, etc. Buying locally is the best way to ensure this, as you can go an visit the farm where the animals live. Vegetables and fruit should also be organic whenever possible. Shop at local farmer’s markets and find a local outlet.

My resources page has several websites which can help you find local sources for organic meat and produce. (Eat Wild, and Local Harvest are two that I use).

Here are the lists:

You are welcome to view and print these lists for your reference.

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