Seeds of Change: You Have Power

I believe in seeds of change. Each person in America is a seed with incredible power to change our food and health systems, simply by learning the truth about a healthy diet and true medical care. All you have to do is vote for the foods and health care you want with your wallet.

Tracking the Money

Here’s my view of our how the food and health care system work in America, and how you can be part of seeds of change movement to make it better:

There are vast sums of money tied up in the interests of agribusiness and farming in the United States.

The US Government gives millions of dollars in farm subsidies each year to support mega-corporations such as Monsanto, all under the sham and smokescreen of supporting farmers.

The truth is that the majority of these subsidies go to huge Fortune 500 companies. The American farmer’s piece of the pie is very small in comparison and getting smaller.

Still, farmers are bribed into supporting companies like Monsanto, because the Feds pay them to grow corn and soybeans using Monsanto’s genetically engineered seeds and fertilizer every year. These yearly purchases keep companies like Monsanto and other businesses (think Caterpillar, John Hancock Insurance, etc..) in the black.

In fact, between 2000 and 2007, the use of Monsanto’s genetically modified corn seed grew from 25% of acres planted to 73% in the U.S., and the Department of Agriculture recently started giving farmers a break on insurance premiums if they use these seeds, creating yet another incentive.

You may wonder why these individual farmers participate in a system that doesn’t benefit them? Well, it’s a win situation for them in some respects. Since the government pays them the market price for their crops, EVEN when the price falls, why would these independent farmers take a chance and grow something else? It’s a vicious circle kind of thing.

The government’s agenda in supporting these crops has to do with supporting our stock market, which relies heavily on agricultural commodities. Supporting the stock market also supports the business.

It’s All About Staying in Business

We already have a huge surplus of corn and soybeans stored in this country. The processed food industry (Kraft and other big food companies) spends a great deal of money in finding ways to modify corn and soybeans into foodstuffs, so the American public will consume MORE of these products. This is how these companies stay in the black financially.

Large animal processing companies like Tyson chicken and the major beef suppliers use these cheap crops as the backbone of the feedstuffs given to all commercial livestock in this country. Unfortunately, a grain diet makes these animals just as sick as it does humans, so there’s a financial benefit for the drug companies that produce antibiotics for sick animals.

The medical system in our country supports all of this nonsense as well.

The Federal government recommends a low fat, high grain diet, which is in keeping with the goal to sell as much corn and soy-based products as possible. They don’t much care that a high carb diet has been shown in study after study to cause diabetes and other diseases.

Our physicians and medical agencies, some not knowing in better (but some knowing full well what they are doing), repeat this low fat, high carb message, because EVERY national agency supports it. The message is so pervasive that almost every doctor and every person on the street, KNOWS, without a doubt that eating high fat, low carb diet will damage your health, and that low fat, high carb diet is the healthy way to eat.

And gold-standard studies to reveal the truth are hard to launch when the funding comes from the government. (How many true scientists trying to compare a true low carb diet to a low-fat diet have heard this from an NIH ethics committee: “You can’t put a patient on a very low carb diet! That’s dangerous – WE KNOW low carb is not the healthy way to eat!”)

What about other funding? The pharmaceutical companies won’t fund gold standard studies on dietary components, because they can’t patent a whole food.

But the pharmaceutical companies CAN develop patentable drugs for high cholesterol, diabetes, and cancer treatments and make billions of money off of the government’s advice to lower cholesterol and eat a diet rich in “whole grains”. So these drug businesses have a vested interest in keeping the lie about high carb diets going.

Hospitals and doctors only make money if they have patients, so they have a vested financial interest in ignoring the true research on what will lower disease rates, so they contribute to the sham as well.

Breaking the Circle

See the circle? It’s all about money. Each interest is just trying to stay in business, and they don’t particularly care whether you and I get sick.

The defense is in educating ourselves about what is a healthy diet and what isn’t, and about what foods to avoid buying, what drugs to avoid, etc..

And that is a tough goal, especially if you don’t have an MD after your name. People really trust their doctors. Unfortunately, most doctors trust the health agencies funded by the Federal Government.

But the tide is turning. More funding is being spent for gold-standard studies on diet and health, and the medical community is slowly realizing that a high carb diet is not the best for health.

Our food system is corrupted in many ways, but I believe, if enough people know the truth, we can change it. We are the seeds of change we need.

We can force a systemic change if we hit the businesses that depend on the old system in the wallet. When we stop buying processed foods full of corn syrup and soy fillers, companies like Kraft will stop buying grain from agribusinesses. And when these agribusinesses can’t sell grain, the pressure to grow corn and soybeans will stop.

When our food system can’t sell corn and soybeans as food anymore, the whole sick system will fall apart and die, and then we’ll see true foods being supported in the market place. Farmers will be free to choose what they want to grow, and sell it any way they see fit. Hopefully, they will rely less on pesticides as they choose more natural methods of farming, and the result will be better health for the American public.

So, think about it. Wouldn’t it be fun to be a seed in the seeds of change movement?

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