The Power of Healthy Eating “Let Food Be Your Medicine”

This website challenges the mainstream advice on healthy eating and showcases the power of clean, whole foods to rebuild total body health.

Our ancestors ate diets that contradict modern nutritional dogma, and these traditional diets, full of animal fats and cholesterol, but low in sugar and grains, kept them in excellent health.

People eating this nutrient-dense, traditional diets lived healthy, disease-free lives. They died of old age, instead of heart disease, cancer or diabetes. They didn’t need medical procedures, expensive drugs, or insurance for long hospital stays.

What is a Traditional Diet?

Traditional diets come in many forms, but they all include real food, close to its natural state, and rich in vitamins and minerals. These clean, healthy foods are nature’s medicine, providing the basis for good health without the nasty side effects associated with drug-based therapies.

There are still societies in the world eating real food free of processed, polluted ingredients. These people enjoy excellent health without the intervention of doctors and drugs.

How much clearer could the relationship between healthy eating and disease be?

Benefits of Healthy Eating

The themes of this site include the benefits of:

  • Whole, real foods: Healthy eating habits begin with real, nutrient-dense, organically grown foods that are naturally low in carbohydrates and rich in protein and clean, natural fats.
  • The avoidance of artificial, processed foods that rely on chemical additives for flavor, appearance, and texture, and genetically modified ingredients for a cheap price. These foods have long shelf lives and even longer ingredient labels. The chemicals used to create these foods aren’t supportive of human health, and many have never been tested in the combinations in which they are used in food manufacturing.
  • Increased awareness of the profit-oriented agendas¬†and dynamics which drive the “low fat, whole grain” health advice promoted by the Federal Government and our American medical organizations. Much of this advice is driven by the false assumption that the consumption of saturated fat and cholesterol causes heart disease. This lie is at the core of the healthy eating advice promoted by the National Institutes of Health, the American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association, and all of the dietary agencies which follow. The misleading health propaganda these agencies promote exerts great influence on how our doctors determine the dietary advice and drug treatments they provide. Worse, it opens the door for the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry to endanger the health and the wallets of the American public through the sales of new but ineffective and often dangerous drugs.
  • Using whole foods as medicine to treat and heal chronic illness and to build and support vibrant health without the use of modern drugs. Most health problems are based on an unhealthy diet which is too high in carbohydrates, and low in real whole foods. Switching to a diet that emphasizes healthy fats and protein can transform illness into vibrant health.

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